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Age Old Question...

If someone brings donuts to work, and you exhibit amazing self control until lunch, but then you go to get something off the copier and there are still some left, and everyone else is in a staff meeting and you eat one, but no one knows: Do the calories count? No! I didn't think so...

What a day!!!!

After my Panera bagel for breakfast (leftover from yeaterday's super successful regional tech meeting that I helped coordinate), and a trip to the UK Team Shop tent sale (where I got two shirts and a football print I've been wanting for only $25), I decided I wanted Chick Fil A for lunch. As I got my sandwich and lemonade from the drive thru window, the girl noticed my UK2K shirt and asked if I was going to the game. When I said (probably too giddily) that I was, she sighed and said "I'm so jealous!" And she should be! =) I got to see the win that will (hopefully) make us #1. Great food, great friends, great game, great day, GREAT LIFE!!!!

Interesting Thoughts

Interesting thoughts (from Mark Story's 01/11/10 Herald Leader article) 5. Bill Curry. After going 26-52 as Kentucky football coach, received a payment of $610,000 to go away. 4. Hal Mumme. After presiding over a UK football program that committed at least 38 NCAA violations (albeit not being personally fingered), received a $1 million severance. 3. Billy Gillispie. After proving to be, arguably, the worst major coaching hire in UK sports history in his two years as Wildcats basketball coach, got a payout of $3.25 million. 2. Rich Brooks. Having conducted himself with unusual decency as Kentucky football coach while winning enough to go to four straight bowls, gets a hearty slap on the back after retiring. 1. Big-time college sports. Isn't there something a tad out of whack with the picture illustrated in points 5 through 2?


I think it's about time for another ABC's of Happiness entry. And this one will be short because not much starts with E. (And also because I am taking a short break from work to type this. It's my "I want a Snow Day Too!!!!" defiance) Eighty's Music -Best Decade of Music. Ever. Easter Candy -Especially the Reese Cup Eggs Erin- Yes, I mean myself. I make myself happy (sometimes). More than in the past, but hopefully less now than in the future. ESPN-- ESPN Makes me very happy. As do ESPN2, ESPNNews, and ESPNU (I can't believe I initially forgot this one. I am so disappointed with myself...) Ummm, I think that's it. The only three other things I can think of are eggs, elephants, and earrings. And they don't necessarily make me happy! LOL


From my new favorite Daily Reading site 1000 Awesome Things , here is #600: #600 Staring ahead at a brand new year Because anything could happen. And maybe anything will. AWESOME! Wow... I like the thought of that

Happy 2010!!!!

Thank goodness for Annapolis, Maryland and my BFFF Jennifer Leigh Wainman. Nothing like a Girls Night Out New Year's to make my holiday blues go away. Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!