What a day!!!!

After my Panera bagel for breakfast (leftover from yeaterday's super successful regional tech meeting that I helped coordinate), and a trip to the UK Team Shop tent sale (where I got two shirts and a football print I've been wanting for only $25), I decided I wanted Chick Fil A for lunch. As I got my sandwich and lemonade from the drive thru window, the girl noticed my UK2K shirt and asked if I was going to the game. When I said (probably too giddily) that I was, she sighed and said "I'm so jealous!" And she should be! =) I got to see the win that will (hopefully) make us #1. Great food, great friends, great game, great day, GREAT LIFE!!!!


Trish said…
Yay! Totally jealous of your Game Day adventures, by the way... ;)

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