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I think it's about time for another ABC's of Happiness entry. And this one will be short because not much starts with E. (And also because I am taking a short break from work to type this. It's my "I want a Snow Day Too!!!!" defiance)

Eighty's Music-Best Decade of Music. Ever.

Easter Candy-Especially the Reese Cup Eggs

Erin-Yes, I mean myself. I make myself happy (sometimes). More than in the past, but hopefully less now than in the future.

ESPN-- ESPN Makes me very happy. As do ESPN2, ESPNNews, and ESPNU (I can't believe I initially forgot this one. I am so disappointed with myself...)

Ummm, I think that's it. The only three other things I can think of are eggs, elephants, and earrings. And they don't necessarily make me happy! LOL

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