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There have been times when the recap of my blog would've shown words like "sad" "lonely" and "cry" in large fonts. I like that when I did a Wordle for my blog today, those words aren't even on there.  Great friends make all the difference... Life is good!

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When I was 17, I thought I had it all figured out.  My parents were idiots and I was a genius...

Then I was 22, and I was sure I had it all figured out.  I had been pretty stupid five years ago when I thought I knew everything, but now I really was genius.

When I turned 27, I realized that I hadn't known much about life over the past decade.  But now I understood everything.

Now I'm 32. (I prefer "32-riffic" but that's another story) and it has occurred to me that not only did I not know anything at 17, 22, or 27... I STILL don't know anything. When I am dumb enough to think I have it all figured out, something happens and I realize I'm not even close. Sometimes I feel like I am in a huge SORRY! game, and just when I get close to getting my token to "Home," someone bumps me and sends me back to "Start." But then just when I have had to skip my 8th turn, and have started to give up, I finally draw a 1 card and get to leave Start.  Or better yet, a 2 card and I get to not only leave Start, but also draw again.

I am a firm believer in life being more about perspective than perfection. I'm not sure Garth Brooks is a great philosopher (although as Jenny says, he did have that inspirational quote, "You know, something, something, dance..." ), I do love his quote "Happiness isn't getting what you want, it's wanting what you got." There's always more out there that we wish we had.  And hoping for more in and of itself is a good thing. However, when we stop really living life and ignore the blessings that have been heaped upon us because we are too busy wishing for something we don't have... that's when there's a problem.

I have this magnet on my refrigerator. It's been there for so long that I often don't notice it.  But I always believe it.

Life is about the journey.  The dance. The quest to figure it out.  Besides, if I knew everything, life would be pretty boring.  And my life may not be what I thought it would be at this point, but it's definitely not boring either!

ABC's of Happiness: Q

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You'd think it was hard to come up with things that start with the letter Q that make me happy.  I mean Queen Elizabeth doesn't really do it for me, and what can you really do with a quarter anymore?  But I did think of four, so without further ado...

Quilts:  My Nanny made quilts.  Everyone in the family has a few.  I happen to have four: three I have at my house in Lexington, and one I took home to Mom about 10 years ago because it was falling apart, and she told me she would have a new backing put on it (ummm... apparently that takes over a decade to do.) When I was little I used to love to hear Mom tell stories about all the tiny pieces of fabric and which of her outfits they came from. Now I love to bury myself under them on a cold night and think of my sweet Nanny stitching them together.

Qdoba: I used to go every Wednesday with the McMillen family (even Carter and Hadley, who remain the only children that I can eat dinner with and not get annoyed).  The food is fast, cheap, and great.  Plus I win free chips and queso basically every time I go!

Queso: I know I already said cheese in my C post, but it's good enough to say it in another language here.

Quiet: My meals are quiet.  My evenings are quiet.  My mornings are quiet. My house is quiet.  I appreciate this.  It might not always be this way, so I am enjoying it now. :)

The ABCs of Happiness: P

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Patrick Patterson: maybe my favorite UK player of all time (after Dad, of course). I wish he would've stayed this year, but I'm glad he stayed as long as he did. I follow him on Twitter and he may be a Rocket now, but in his heart, he's still a Wildcat! Love this boy! (Big thanks to Megan for pointing out I'd left him off! I'm so disappointed in myself!)

Potatoes: Fry them, bake them, mash them, make soup out of them. I really don't care. I love potatoes. (right, Trish?)

Popsicles: Almost as good as orange juice. I'm just sayin'

Peanut butter: Chunky. Smooth. With chocolate. On toast. On waffles. On a spoon. Whatever.

Pasta: Carbs and cream sauce. Life is good. (Again, Trish, am I right?)

Pandora Radio App: My favorite station began as REO Speedwagon, but has since been renamed "Karaoke in the Car." I swear I need a hairbrush in the console so I can pull it out and sing along!

Pillows: Maybe it's from working at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for that one summer. I'm not sure. But at any given time there are at least four pillows on my bed. And it's wonderful.

Post Secret: Now this one doesn't always make me happy. Sometimes it makes me sad, and sometimes it just makes me think. But I do love it. My friend Christy got me hooked on it. If you don't know the story behind it, this guy started the website and people mail him postcards (or menus, pictures, anything that's postcard shape) and anonymously share a deep dark secret with him. The website gets updated every Sunday, and there are currently four (I think) books full of the postcards. It's fascinating. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to send something to him yourself. Check it out.

Pinky and the Brain: If you remember this show, please tell me you loved it. And if you didn't, please DON'T tell me! I'm bringing it back again when Megan McCarty and I take over the world.

Paradise Hotel: Best Reality Show EVER. Don't agree? Oh we'll see about that...

We will see....

We will...
Alish, I wanted to find the clip but this picture was the best I could do...

Happy New Year!

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am not really a big fan of New Year's Eve.  It's an overrated couple's holiday in my opinion (although all of the couples will say it isn't) but unlike Valentine's Day, everyone seems to have a problem with me not wanting to celebrate it. Then, at 11:58, it turns into a middle school dance when they start playing the first slow song, and everyone starts to couple up. My dream NYE is to cross over time zones at 11:30, transporting myself magically to 12:30, and pulling off the impossible... actually skipping the moment the new year comes.


That being said, I do love the new year. Fresh new calendars. New clothes from Christmas. And the thought that this might be the year that something really special happens.  So happy New Year Y'all!  Since midnight passed, it's been a pretty awesome day!

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.” ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

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