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in , , by Erin Lynne, January 05, 2011

Patrick Patterson: maybe my favorite UK player of all time (after Dad, of course). I wish he would've stayed this year, but I'm glad he stayed as long as he did. I follow him on Twitter and he may be a Rocket now, but in his heart, he's still a Wildcat! Love this boy! (Big thanks to Megan for pointing out I'd left him off! I'm so disappointed in myself!)

Potatoes: Fry them, bake them, mash them, make soup out of them. I really don't care. I love potatoes. (right, Trish?)

Popsicles: Almost as good as orange juice. I'm just sayin'

Peanut butter: Chunky. Smooth. With chocolate. On toast. On waffles. On a spoon. Whatever.

Pasta: Carbs and cream sauce. Life is good. (Again, Trish, am I right?)

Pandora Radio App: My favorite station began as REO Speedwagon, but has since been renamed "Karaoke in the Car." I swear I need a hairbrush in the console so I can pull it out and sing along!

Pillows: Maybe it's from working at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for that one summer. I'm not sure. But at any given time there are at least four pillows on my bed. And it's wonderful.

Post Secret: Now this one doesn't always make me happy. Sometimes it makes me sad, and sometimes it just makes me think. But I do love it. My friend Christy got me hooked on it. If you don't know the story behind it, this guy started the website and people mail him postcards (or menus, pictures, anything that's postcard shape) and anonymously share a deep dark secret with him. The website gets updated every Sunday, and there are currently four (I think) books full of the postcards. It's fascinating. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to send something to him yourself. Check it out.

Pinky and the Brain: If you remember this show, please tell me you loved it. And if you didn't, please DON'T tell me! I'm bringing it back again when Megan McCarty and I take over the world.

Paradise Hotel: Best Reality Show EVER. Don't agree? Oh we'll see about that...

We will see....

We will...
Alish, I wanted to find the clip but this picture was the best I could do...

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