ABC's of Happiness: Q

in , , , by Erin Lynne, January 15, 2011

You'd think it was hard to come up with things that start with the letter Q that make me happy.  I mean Queen Elizabeth doesn't really do it for me, and what can you really do with a quarter anymore?  But I did think of four, so without further ado...

Quilts:  My Nanny made quilts.  Everyone in the family has a few.  I happen to have four: three I have at my house in Lexington, and one I took home to Mom about 10 years ago because it was falling apart, and she told me she would have a new backing put on it (ummm... apparently that takes over a decade to do.) When I was little I used to love to hear Mom tell stories about all the tiny pieces of fabric and which of her outfits they came from. Now I love to bury myself under them on a cold night and think of my sweet Nanny stitching them together.

Qdoba: I used to go every Wednesday with the McMillen family (even Carter and Hadley, who remain the only children that I can eat dinner with and not get annoyed).  The food is fast, cheap, and great.  Plus I win free chips and queso basically every time I go!

Queso: I know I already said cheese in my C post, but it's good enough to say it in another language here.

Quiet: My meals are quiet.  My evenings are quiet.  My mornings are quiet. My house is quiet.  I appreciate this.  It might not always be this way, so I am enjoying it now. :)

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