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There are alot of things that good friends are compared to.  Flowers, diamonds, even bras!  But I think good friends are like a comfortable pair of shoes. It's just better to go through life when you have them.

It's been an enlightening year...

On her 34th birthday, a friend of mine complied a list of 34 things she'd learned throughout her life. As I leave 31 behind, I realize that I have learned a lot this year alone.  So while I may not get 31, here are the things I have learned since December 12, 2009:
1. Good friends really are hard to come by.  Hold on to them when you find them. 2. Try to laugh every day.  It makes everything better. 3. You may wish you were someone else while someone else is wishing they were you.  The grass really isn't always greener. 4. Choose happiness.  It's much better than the alternative. 5. Sometimes it's good to just have fun and not worry about anything else. 6. Don't let anyone make you feel inferior for not being what they think you should be. 7. It's okay to be a single thirtysomething girl.  And if you don't agree, then you're an idiot.  I'm not saying my life is better than my married friends. I'm just saying it's not worse. 8. Stop to smell the fres…

O How Happy I Am!

That's right... I know you all are anxiously awaiting to read the latest installment in my ABCs of Happiness post, so here goes:

Oreos: Milk's favorite cookie.  And my favorite cookie.

Orange Juice: Sometimes it just hits the spot! If you haven't tried Simply Orange, try it.  It will be the only orange juice you will ever drink again!

One Shining Moment: Y'all know I love the Cats.  And I love college basketball in general.  And March Madness is basically my most favorite time of the year (EPIC FAIL for not putting that under my M post)... Anyway, from Selection Sunday I am hooked.  The games, the brackets, the upsets, I love it all.  But One Shining Moment is always one of my favorite parts.  Not so much last year when Jennifer Hudson took over, but, you know, you can't win them all.  In case you aren't a March Madness fan and you have no idea what I am talking about (Author's note: if this is true, why are we friends again?) or in case you are Alisha and y…

Let it SNOW!

I love the first snow fall of the season.  It's just perfect. The snow is still pretty, and it's usually not interfering with traffic yet (although I do love a good snow day or two).  I really love when it happens at night and I can just go outside and listen to the silence of the snow falling from the sky (snow lovers will understand that sentence, even if the rest of you don't). Yeah, I'm sad to drag out the jackets, and even sadder to officially retire the flip flops for the year, but somehow the first snowfall makes that all a little easier to stomach.

Author's Note: Apparently it snowed in Lexington in the wee hours of Black Friday morning.  As I did not get back into town until that afternoon, I didn't actually get to see the snow falling, so, to me, that doesn't count.  That means this morning, when I opened the door to leave the house and saw the big, fluffy flakes dropping gently from the grey sky, it was the first snowfall of the season.