Let it SNOW!

in , , , , , by Erin Lynne, December 01, 2010

I love the first snow fall of the season.  It's just perfect. The snow is still pretty, and it's usually not interfering with traffic yet (although I do love a good snow day or two).  I really love when it happens at night and I can just go outside and listen to the silence of the snow falling from the sky (snow lovers will understand that sentence, even if the rest of you don't). Yeah, I'm sad to drag out the jackets, and even sadder to officially retire the flip flops for the year, but somehow the first snowfall makes that all a little easier to stomach.

Author's Note: Apparently it snowed in Lexington in the wee hours of Black Friday morning.  As I did not get back into town until that afternoon, I didn't actually get to see the snow falling, so, to me, that doesn't count.  That means this morning, when I opened the door to leave the house and saw the big, fluffy flakes dropping gently from the grey sky, it was the first snowfall of the season.
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