Dear Coach Stoops

in , , by Erin Lynne, September 14, 2013
Dear Coach Stoops,
Thanks for coming to Kentucky. Thanks for seeking us out and for convincing Mitch Barnhart that even with no head coaching experience, you were the man for this job. You were right... You are the man for this job. While the record books may have you right now with a losing head coaching record (1-2), you're winning.

You've won the hearts of the long suffering UK football fans, and given us hope for the future. I told another UK football fan with a new wildcat of her own (approximate recruiting class 2030) that if you do what you promise, her little one will never grow up thinking UK football sucks. And Coach, that's saying a LOT!

You've won the hearts of those in attendance at Commonwealth Stadium. (Please note that these aren't necessarily the same group as the long suffering UK football fans.) Last season, attendance was poor awful atrocious. Even when they (who is "they" anyway?) inflated the numbers, they were still less than half of capacity. In truth, I saw less than 20,000 most of the season.

You wanna see what I saw today? At 2:30 left in the 4th quarter, the Cats down 14, this is what I saw:

That's a lot of blue left, Coach.

You know what else I saw? Fight. These boys fought. They didn't give up. You went for it on 4th... Even a 4th & 13 late in the fourth quarter within field goal range because 3 wouldn't have helped us. I appreciate that. Most of the east endzone appreciated that, in fact. We just want to be competitive. We just want to watch the boys in blue play a good game. Were there mistakes today? Yes. But was there promise? YES.

We as football fans are excited. We are hopeful. And we are grateful.

So thanks, Coach Stoops. We are looking forward to many more Saturdays with you.

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