Holiday Cheer

Last year, I lost my Christmas spirit. Well, in reality, I allowed people to steal it from me. For the first time ever, I did not put up a Christmas tree, and I had no desire to. I was missing any holiday cheer and I didn't care to celebrate or decorate.

Not this year folks! This year it's not even Thanksgiving (sorry Lish... but I promise to make a Thanksgiving post next week if that helps) and I've got my tree up, complete with a few new ornaments and a much needed new tree topper. I even finally bought a tree skirt this year (and someone is making a killing on those! Thank goodness for 50% off at Hobby Lobby!)

So here's to a great holiday season. My Grinch heart has grown three sizes since last year and it's not even December!

Happy Holidays everyone!


♥steph♥ said…
Erin, this warms my heart...Merry Christmas...and, Happy Thanksgiving, too!♥

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