What a Difference Four Years Makes

in , by Erin Lynne, July 28, 2012

Tonight as I was eating ice cream and watching the Olympics (don't judge), I started thinking of the last Olympics, and how much different things were.  And not just that the Opening Ceremonies and Michael Phelps were better (too soon?), but other stuff too!

The last time the Olympics were held...
  • I was in my twenties
  • I was an elementary school teacher with no real desire to ever leave
  • I had not even thought of pursuing a Masters degree in administration
  • I had not met 6 of the 8 friends on my recent calls log
  • I didn't have an iPhone
  • I still had a TV with a built in VCR (seriously)
  • I had only been to 30 consecutive games at Commonwealth
  • This blog had one post
  • I was still six months away from "White Death 09" 
  • UK Basketball was coached by Billy Gillespie
  • I had never heard of Kentucky Sports Radio
  • I was not on Twitter...
  • But I am pretty sure I still had a MySpace
  • I still had three grandparents living
I'm sure there is more too... that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.  It's funny that you don't notice these things happening, then all of a sudden, it has all changed...

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