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It was a long week at work this week. The days felt longer because I'm in the office more than out because no one really wants to collaborate on technology with less than ten days of school left, and because I was waiting for a couple of important phone calls regarding possible job changes for next year.

By mid morning Tuesday I was already worrying too much about things. Trying to busy myself in order to take my mind off things, I decided to open one of the internal websites I help manage for our school district, and do a quick check for any missing information. I went to open the site from my bookmark folder and there was a random site in that folder. Last week, a friend had told me about a website that had daily deals for etsy (veryjane.com if you care) and I'd bookmarked it, but somehow I'd put it in the wrong folder. Oh well, I thought, and decided to give it a quick look. One of the first things I saw was a print of this image and it stopped me dead in my tracks.

I have Faith in God. I do. I love my job and the people I work with now, I just feel like God is calling me to do something new. I pray every night that He opens the door where He wants me and closes the rest. And I'm okay if He closes them all and I stay right where I am. It's just that patience has never been a strong suit of mine.

Its easy to have faith when things are going your way and God is opening doors. It's sometimes even easy to have faith when He's closing them. But waiting for Him to just do something... ANYTHING is enough to drive someone crazy.

I know He knows what's best for me. And I know there's a bigger picture I can't see. So I'm going to post this quote on my bathroom mirror as a daily reminder that faith in God really does include faith in His timing.

Because deep down I know that whatever He's making me wait for is going to be worth it.
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