I'm ready for #8

in , , by Erin Lynne, April 02, 2012
The last time Kentucky won a national championship was 1998.

Fourteen years ago, folks. That's a long time. How long? you ask (ok, maybe you didn't ask, but I'm telling you anyway). I was a freshman in college. I was a teenager. I only had six nieces and nephews, not ten. I hadn't met some of the great friends I currently have. I had my very first cell phone, which did nothing except make phone calls, and looked remarkably like I had stolen it from Zach Morris. I watched every second of that game with bated breath... It was UK's third national championship game in three years. They'd won in 96, and come so close in 97, and I was ready for another championship. Of course the Cats did not disappoint, coming back from a ten point deficit at the half to beat Utah 78-69.
Then the drought. I'm not here to "blame" anyone for that (I will adore Tubby Smith until the day I die), but it happened. No final fours. Four NCAA tourney second round losses, the hiring of Billy Clyde, a first round loss, and then the sadness of not even hearing the Wildcats called on Selection Sunday. What the hell had happened?
Then Cal happened. An Elite Eight his first year. A Final Four his second. And a Championship game his third. Even if UK doesn't win, they're getting closer.
But even non fans will tell you this team is fun to watch. And tonight will be the last time we see this team play... So I'm hoping even more anxiously than in 1998 that these boys cut the nets tonight and bring the hardware back to the bluegrass.
For Cal. For Miller. For Davis, Teague, Jones, MKG, & Lamb. For the past 14 years. For all the boys in blue who didn't, who couldn't. For all of BBN... Bring home #8 boys.

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