I finally got to Z!!!

in , , by Erin Lynne, January 26, 2012
My To Do list is possibly longer than it's ever been. I have grad school in less than 20 minutes and I need to be studying for the ISLLC test that I take tomorrow, but I am stressed.  And I cannot focus.  So I am writing...  Because that's what I do.

So I think maybe it's time I finish my ABCs of Happiness posts. When I wrote my A post on October 10, 2009, I did it because I felt like I was starting to be sad again... slipping into somewhere I didn't want to be.  So I decided to go through the alphabet looking for things that started with each letter that made me happy.  Some letters were easy, some were more difficult, and I still don't know how I left Patrick Patterson off the P post the first time I wrote it!  So over two years later, I am finishing.  And I know this isn't the only thing that kept me out of the "funk" I was slipping into, but I do think it helped.

So here goes the final one...

Ziti: C'mon, you can't be surprised.  I Heart Carbs.  That's all there is to it.

Zucchini: But let's be clear here: only if it's fried.

Zesta crackers: See: Carbs, I Heart.

Ziplock bags: Seriously... who uses those ones you just fold over? Ridiculousness!

And just to de-stress, maybe I will read all of the other posts during my grad class. :)

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