Thursday, January 26, 2012

I finally got to Z!!!

My To Do list is possibly longer than it's ever been. I have grad school in less than 20 minutes and I need to be studying for the ISLLC test that I take tomorrow, but I am stressed.  And I cannot focus.  So I am writing...  Because that's what I do.

So I think maybe it's time I finish my ABCs of Happiness posts. When I wrote my A post on October 10, 2009, I did it because I felt like I was starting to be sad again... slipping into somewhere I didn't want to be.  So I decided to go through the alphabet looking for things that started with each letter that made me happy.  Some letters were easy, some were more difficult, and I still don't know how I left Patrick Patterson off the P post the first time I wrote it!  So over two years later, I am finishing.  And I know this isn't the only thing that kept me out of the "funk" I was slipping into, but I do think it helped.

So here goes the final one...

Ziti: C'mon, you can't be surprised.  I Heart Carbs.  That's all there is to it.

Zucchini: But let's be clear here: only if it's fried.

Zesta crackers: See: Carbs, I Heart.

Ziplock bags: Seriously... who uses those ones you just fold over? Ridiculousness!

And just to de-stress, maybe I will read all of the other posts during my grad class. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not What I Had Planned...

It was a long week at work... And yes, I realize I only had to work four days, and that was after a four day weekend, but it was a long week at work.  And I also realize that every day is 24 hours and no day is really longer than another (someone I was once close friends with liked to point that out whenever I mentioned a day being long, yeah, it was annoying), but still... it was a long week at work.  It seemed that I couldn't get one thing done without several more things being dumped on my desk delegated to me, and I just felt like I was drowning.  Add to it that I haven't left work before dark since the new year (and my day ends at 4), and maybe you can see a little of my stress and frustration...

I was excited last night to get to spend some time with my siblings.  Most of us live in central Kentucky, but we don't get together as often as we should, so this year, we've decided to do family game night once a month.  (If you know my competitive family, you know this is a risk in and of itself!) Not everyone was able to come, but we had a great time eating, laughing, playing games, and making "That's what she said" jokes over the head of the one niece that was there (by the end of the night Chris and I had perfected a four part hum that translated into "That's what she said").  It was a great night.

But between coming home and getting up this morning, I just started to feel a little down in the dumps.  I won't bore you with the specifics, but needless to say, I was a little blue.  And when I woke up this morning, knowing that I had a day of homework and studying ahead of me, I really just wanted to stay in bed.  Stay in bed, and watch the UK game, and do my homework, and just ride out a case of the "blahs" that haven't hit me in a while.  It just wasn't going to be my day, I knew it. And that was okay. Everyone has bad days... today was mine.

Then a little before 11, I got a text from my friend Jane: Hey, I suddenly have an extra ticket to the game today. Last minute, I know but if u can make it down to Rupp I've got seats in lower arena.  Just let me know. My response was literally "Ummm... Seriously?"  Partly because I wasn't sure this was happening and partly because I'd run to Rupp Arena with two broken feet to sit lower arena in an SEC game.

So, since I am so low maintenance, I was showered and dressed and parking my car at Community Trust Bank by 11:35.

And our seats were great.

And it was a great game.

And UK won.

And I got to spend time with a friend I hardly get to see anymore.

And I'm glad I got out of bed and left the house!

So, Jane, last minute or not, you turned what I was sure was going to a day not worth getting out of bed for into a great one.

I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe, at a little before 11am, God was up there saying, "Not today Erin.  You're not going to be sad today.  You don't have a reason to be sad about anything... Here, let me prove it to you."

Funny how that happens sometimes...

Go Cats!