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Take time to read the captions

I've had the poster above since college. It hung in my dorm room, then my apartment, then the townhouse I rented. When I bought my house, I framed it and it's hanging on the right just as you walk in the door. You'd think this was a prominent place, and maybe it is, maybe I'm just used to it being there, but for whatever reason, I never notice it. So tonight as I was dusting the pictures in the hallway (I know, right? What's gotten into me?!?!), I noticed it.
And I didn't just notice it, I looked at it.
Because while the cute little girl in the rain is a sweet picture to see, it's the small caption below that led me to buy the poster in the first place:

And I read that and smiled. Thinking of all the years I've had this poster, those encouraging words were never very far from me... But I didn't notice them. And now that I remembered to look again, I'm reminded of the truth of that statement. And once again, I'm very grateful for all I have a…

The Peak

I was one of those weird people who liked high school. I had lots of friends, and we had lots of fun. Then I got to college and I wasn't so much a fan at first. Sure, I made friends my first couple of years (friends I still have today) but it wasn't as great as everyone said it was going to be. And I was afraid. Afraid I was one of those people who peaked in high school, and the rest was all downhill for them. Of course, I got a job as an RA on the opposite site of campus, made more friends, and found my niche. And life was good.

After graduating, I hit a pretty rough patch. Someone once asked me why exactly that tough time occurred. And I can't pinpoint it to one single thing... It was just a ton of little things that weren't going my way and I felt like I couldn't catch a break. And I was sad. Really sad. I felt like I was drowning. My college friends had moved on and I didn't have many people to turn to. It was bad. And I was scared I was one of those peop…