X marks the spot

in , , by Erin Lynne, September 27, 2011

X is a difficult letter to write about. Xylophones, Xanadu or Xanax (although sometimes I think I could use some!) don't really make me happy. I do love my MacBook with OSX on it, but that seems a stretch too. So I'm going with "X marks the spot." You may wonder "What spot?" well, the spot where I am in life right now. I have my tough times and rough days... But they really are less frequent than they've been in my adult life. At times I'm sad I'm alone, but I do have my list to read and realize I've got it pretty good.
Every day, I'm learning more and more to be happy both WITH myself and BY myself. As I get older I have come to terms with the fact that I might not get everything I want out if life, but you know what... I'm still hopeful that the things I really want WILL happen for me. Because, as you already know, I'm not a pessimist.

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