Very, Very Happy

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ABCs of Happiness: V

Vacation- As an employee of the school system (I think that's the first time I haven't said "As a teacher..." and man that feels weird) I get lots of little breaks throughout the year.  Fall break, Christmas break, spring break, and of course summer break. It is so nice to be able to sleep in and not worry about curriculum and Moodle and iPads and on and on and on. That much of "vacation" is great, but I really want to go somewhere.  I love the beach, and would love to go there on vacation at least once a year, but that doesn't really happen very often. For the past several years, Annapolis has been my go to vacation spot, but this year that didn't work either.  I did take a mini vacay with some of the greatest friends ever to Indiana and Cincinnati a few weeks ago and that was enough for me.  Sometimes it's just getting out of town, turning the email off on my iPhone, and having a great time and lots of laughs that makes a vacation.

Velveeta-Y'all know I need to put a food in basically every letter. And if you argue Velveeta isn't a food, well we can't be friends anymore.  Not only does it make the best mac & cheese my grandmothers ever thought of making, but it's also the main ingredient in Cheesy Goodness (if you've tasted this, you understand.)

Victory-I like it when UK wins, I like it when I'm on a winning team, and I like it when I win individually. Sometimes in life, I don't always feel like I am winning, but some days I do... And more often than not lately...
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