ABCs of Happiness: W

in , , by Erin Lynne, August 30, 2011

Waffle Night-Basically one of the best parts of my week. Great friends, something good on TV, someone else cooking me waffles and bacon, (and if I'm really lucky, an amazing potato sidedish!), and lots and lots of laughs (with just enough complaining about work to get us through the week). It's what makes us The Group. And even though some are moving and others are going to be much busier this year, I know we will manage to get together for Waffle Night every now and then because we need it to keep us sane.

Winter-I love winter.  Deal with it.  And after this crazy hot summer, I am really ready for cold.  Maybe even a snow day or two (or ten...)  Especially when I get my new TV in my bedroom and can stay in my warm bed all day.

Will Ferrell-Seriously. HILARIOUS.  I can watch Elf every day of the year. Or his SNL clips.  Or Anchorman.  Ok... anything of his really.
Wildcats-Seriously... the fact that I didn't add this the first time means I should be punched in the face.  Because even though I talked about it when I was on K and again on U, I really need to say that the Wildcats make me happy. Very, very happy.  Honestly, ask someone who knows me to describe three things about me, and if "Huge UK fan" isn't in the list, then you need to ask someone else, because that person CLEARLY does not really know me.

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