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Whenever I pay cash (which basically only happens when I buy a McDonald's Coke in the summer) I always take a look at the coins and wonder what their story is. I took this picture before buying my Coke last week that fueled the repainting of my bathroom. There's one here that's a 1977 penny.  That's older than me.  Where has that penny been?  What has Abe seen? Every now and then I will get a wheat penny (COOL!) or a Canadian penny (What?) but the ones that always fascinate me the most are the ones that either look really old and worn but are only a few years old (what happened to those pennies to make them age so quickly?) or the ones that look fairly new but are several years old (where have these pennies been hiding so they haven't lost their shine?)
I guess those little copper pictures of Abe are kind of like us... You see people that look well older than they are, then there are those lucky ones (like me of course ) who look way younger than they really are (hey, I've gotten carded the last two times I have been at Liquor Barn... and just shut up if you are going to tell me they card everyone there!) I often see a person and wonder what their story is... guess I just have the same curiosity about my change.
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