ABCs of Happiness: U

I always like to Google a picture of the letter I am writing about, but for U, I really should've just called my mom and had her take a picture and send it to me. My parents house is full of U's. Everytime I see a U somewhere I buy it for them. The reason behind is super cheesy ("I love U" "We couldn't be an US without U") but that's just how they are! Anyway, here goes my U entry...

University of Kentucky-I know you are all shocked that UK makes me happy, right? I had some great times at the actual university, and their football and basketball teams are pretty fun to watch too.

Uniforms-As in guys in uniforms. Baseball, football, police, fireman, military. The type of uniform doesn't really matter, it just makes me happy to look at guys in uniforms. C'mon, I'm a single girl, can't fault me for liking to look!


Unknown said…
Have you ever seen my brother Brian in his Air Force uniform? He is sooo buff and he looks good in uniform. How Kentucky would that be, for you to have the hots for your brother's brother who isn't YOUR brother. Hahahaha!

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