Kentucky rain keeps falling down...

Rain Rain Rain.  That's basically what the weather has entailed for the past million days (note to my math friends: I am rounding up, way up!) Ugh!  In fall I am not a fan of rain, basically because it usually means it's colder at football games. In winter I HATE it because it's a waste of good precipitation. In spring, it just makes things dreary.  And in summer, it just makes it humid.  So I don't really love the rain... but I do love a summer evening thunderstorm.  And don't try to tell me it's not summer, I know it's technically not, but you see summer for me doesn't start in mid June.  It starts when the pools open, and the pools open Saturday, so it's summer now (again, rounding up. Get over it).  So tonight, since I don't have a covered back porch on my townhouse (double ugh...I really want a real house) I opened my window and knelt on the floor and just watched the lightning, listened to the thunder, and felt the breeze.  And it made me smile.


emsmom said…
I have very fond memories of sitting on our back porch with my dad watching thunderstorms. Is that even safe? Don't have that here in Arizona.

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