To recap...

Tickets to both games: $280

Jeans at Goodwill to turn into Jorts: $3

Two new UK T's for the trip: $25 (used a gift card for this one)

Rental car/gas to Houston: $170

Fantastic gas station junk food (including Funyons, Nutter Butters, Airheads, chocolate covered cherries, and LOTS of caffeine): about $25

Fantastic real food in Texas. Fresh seafood and authentic Tex-Mex: $100+

Lodging at a beach house with this view: FREE! :)

Fun times and LOTS of laughs turning good friends into great friends: Awesome

Marking something off my Bucket List: Priceless

Sure it didn't end the way I'd hoped, but it was still an amazing trip. :-)

~Posted on the road from my iPhone. Go Cats!!!

Location:Lexington,United States


Marty Park said…
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Marty Park said…
You forgot to add this:
Bret Foster said…
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Bret Foster said…
Wow! What a great trip! How can I stay in that beach house for free?

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