March Madness Baby!

in , , , by Erin Lynne, March 21, 2011

Well, I did it. 48 games in 4 days.  And while I didn't literally see every second of every game, I saw at least some of every game, thanks to the fact that every game was televised, and especially because I had this really cool thing called Voice Activated March Madness on Demand (which basically meant someone demanded that Yost change the channel because the line score of another game looked better than the one we were watching!) We had Blimpie subs, cheesy goodness, pizza, and KFC, supplemented by sweets from European Delights in Brannon Crossing and Reese eggs.  There was some great basketball, lots of "What would you do now?" discussions in the closing seconds of the close games, and just general awesome times with great friends. And while I never actually thought I'd say it, I think I'm glad there is a three day break before the next games start.  I kinda need a break.  And some sleep.

Go Cats!  And Butler. And VCU. And Charles Barkley.

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