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On this gloriously beautiful Sunday morning, I feel the strong urge to do a new happiness post, especially because the first thing I'll list that makes me happy is actually about six hours away.  I couldn't have planned this better if I tried!

Selection Sunday-No disrespect to Christmas, but really, *this* is the most wonderful time of the year.  And Selection Sunday starts it all off. I will have my blank bracket ready to go, and I will anxiously await not only where the Cats will fall, but where everyone will fall. I mean of course, I will be cheering for UK (DUH!) but this is about more than being a Kentucky fan, this is about being a basketball fan. I love seeing the "bubble teams" that make it celebrate, and I love seeing the teams that know they are in celebrate their placement. I love every moment from Selection Sunday to One Shining Moment.

Snow Days-I know after the 10 we had this year, some teachers are not with me on this one, but snow days make me very happy. Sure, we are having to go later in the summer than usual, but my thought is that in the summer, I will just go to the pool after work, and that will negate the fact that I had to work that morning, and I still got to stay in bed when it was cold and snowy! (Plus two of those days were actually birthday presents to me... I'm just sayin')

Sports-I really don't think I have to expand on this...

Sports Center-See above

Seafood-REAL Seafood. Not Red Lobster. (Although I do love that bread!) I am talking about real seafood. Fresh seafood.  Annapolis seafood.  (Or the She Crab Soup at Copper River. It's fabulous!)

S'mores-S'mores may possibly make me happier than nearly anything in the world.  If I ate s'mores tonight during Selection Sunday, I might possibly be the happiest girl in the world.
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