Forever & Ever, Amen

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I have had this piece in my head for about a week now, but I couldn't bring myself to write it out.  I don't know what it is. Maybe because I am afraid of looking weak... Maybe I am afraid of wanting something that I might not get... Maybe it's because I am just so proud of that damn list... Or maybe I am just afraid that people will harass me about the cheesiness of this post...

Last week, I was in Louisville for the KySTE Conference.  Being that it was over at 5pm on Wednesday, and I (being on the KySTE board and all) was needed to help break things down and clean up, and I had grad class at 8 (online), KySTE graciously offered to pay for another night at the Galt House. I, of course, accepted.  When I checked out at 10:59 on Thursday (Ross Gellar would be so proud), I decided to stop by the mall on my way home, because they had UK hooded sweatshirts on sale at Foot Locker for $15. (For more on my affinity for hooded sweatshirts, click here). As I was walking through Oxmoor Center, I saw the sweetest thing I had ever seen.  It was an old couple, I'd say at least mid 80's, walking through the mall.  She was on oxygen, the kind my Mamaw used to wear, with the little tubes that went over her ears and in her nose. With one hand, he held her hand, and with the other, he held her oxygen bag.  It was just precious.  I honestly passed them, and then teared up and turned around to take their picture, but I couldn't interrupt them (and they were looking at me, so I couldn't sneak and take one either).  I was really moved by how beautiful it was.

So my confession. I am happy now... really happy.  I love my friends and I love my life.  And if it's meant for me to just stay single forever, I will be okay with that. (I've sure had enough practice!)  I have friends who want to find someone now because they want to do things together--dates and road trips and big vacations, and I get that.  I'd like that too. There are lots of things I still want to do and see and experience, and I am sure it would be amazing to experience them with someone I love. But what I really want is someone to just be with. Someone to grow old with. And someone who will hold my hand (and my oxygen tank) when we are shuffling through the mall. (Because even in my 80's, I am sure I can always use another hoodie!)

This is sweet... but not as sweet as what I saw. :)
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