N and Out of Happiness (Well, just "N" really...)

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The ABC's of Happiness: N

Nieces and Nephews: I know I already said Family when I was on F, but these guys need their own entry. They are super sweet, really funny (they get it naturally!), and all around great kids. And this isn't all of them. Just a sampling. I have 10. (12 if you count Carter and Hadley, which I do). I love them. They make me smile.

Noodles & Company: Have you heard of this place? My sister Robin and I stumbled upon it on one of my visits to NC, and I have been obsessed since. Anyplace that is centered around pasta (read: Carbs) is A-OK in my book. But a place that lets me get buttered noodles or mac & cheese as a meal...well now, it doesn't get much better than that!

Nachos: And not the fancy kind from a restaurant. The cheap kind from a concession stand. YUM!

Netflix: Although "the group" makes fun of me for using this service instead of the "Hard Drive," it works for me. (Although I think I do need to check into that hard drive thing...)

Nintendo: I do like my Wii. I won't lie. But the old school one. C'mon! Fantastic. I got my original Nintendo for Christmas when I was in middle school (???). My mom and I started our quest to "Save the Princess!" after lunch on Christmas day. I was Mario, she was Luigi. We played all through the night that night, and the entire day of the 26th. One of us would heat up leftovers from Christmas Dinner while the other was playing. We continued playing all through the night of the 26th. When my dad got up to go to work on the 27th, he made us put of the controls and go to bed. That's another reason I love my mom!

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