Day 3: Thankful for Wasting Time!

in , by Erin Lynne, November 20, 2010
So after I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got motivated to do my grad school homework, I started working on something even more important... A Facebook forward! My friend Peggy from high school tagged me in one of those "30 Random Things About Yourself" notes. And you know what? After reading fifty pages on budgeting for instruction and budgeting for school activities, then writing a one page (SINGLE SPACED!) reflection on said readings, it's nice to just waste a little time coming up with 30 random things about me.

I love lazy Saturdays!

(And here's the list in case you aren't Facebook friends with me)
1. I am finally FINALLY really happy with my life.
2. I was always better friends with the guys growing up. Now I am friends with my friends' husbands. I like hanging with the guys.
3. I am an expert Google-r. If it's online, I will find it.
4. I have a near photographic memory. I remember what I had packed for lunch when my elementary school burned down, and the combination from my high school locker.
5. I rub my index finger and thumb together when I am nervous or uncomfortable.
6. I send/receive between 200-250 text messages a day. In contrast, I will go several days without actually talking on my phone.
7. I love doing things that I know I am good at. However, there's a chance I will become irrationally angry if I have to do something I know I am not good at (see: archery videos)
8. I love to make people laugh. Even better if it's an inside joke and no one else in the room gets it.
9. I love sports more than you do.
10. I am a night owl. If I could, I'd stay up all night, and sleep all day.
11. I don't understand the point of using one writing format (ie. APA vs MLA) on a paper. Just read the content. Why does it matter the fonts and margins and nonsense?
12. I am going back to graduate school (AGAIN) to get an administration certificate. I am not even sure that I want to be a principal anymore, but I think maybe it's just this class I am in now (see above APA rant).
13. I've been to 52 consecutive UK Football home games. I missed the Florida game in 03 and haven't missed one since.
14. Sometimes I really miss teaching. Especially when a friend who really loves teaching is telling a story about his or her classroom.
15. I can't imagine actually ever leaving Kentucky, but I'd really love to live near the ocean.
16. The first of my year is August, and the end is July. Too many years of functioning on a school year calendar will do that to you I guess. Maybe that's one of the reasons...
17. I HATE NEW YEAR'S EVE. It is by far, my least favorite holiday. (No offense Jerad!)
18. Every year in early April and early June, I stand and cry in the middle of Hallmark and cry as I read through birthday cards and father's day cards for my dad.
19. Every time I fly, I go back and forth from thinking that it's the coolest thing ever, to being sure I won't make it back to the ground in one piece.
20. I still love snow days.
21. Cream cheese should be its own food group. It's just so darn versatile!
22. Since I paid off all my debt several weeks ago, the only thing I've bought for myself are some cardigans and long sleeved t-shirts from Target. And they were on sale.
23. I love my friends.
24. I love my family.
25. I need to take more pictures. But as Megan McCarty says, "Our life is too fun to always stop and take pictures!"
26. I was so scared that when I left RDES, I wouldn't have any friends. I couldn't have been more wrong. They can't get rid of me that easily, and now I have new friends too!
27. Most used iPhone apps: texting (see #6), mail, Twitter, Facebook, imdb.
28. Starbucks Christmas flavors are one of my favorite things about the season
29. Very often when a situation presents itself in life, I'll say, "You know it's like that one Friends episode when..." You'd be amazed at how many things you can reference this way. (Unless you are Trish, and you won't be amazed, because you already know it!)
30. I could eat breakfast for every meal.
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