Random Thoughts on a Saturday Morning...

  • You may think you have the best friends in the world, but you're wrong. I do.
  • I love that it's just cool enough outside to elicit a breeze through my (of course) open windows, but not cold enough that the birds aren't outside chirping.
  • This week was basically the longest week of my life
  • ESPN College Game Day=Love
  • Made $110 selling two textbooks on eBay the other day
  • Pumpkin Spice creamer for my coffee makes me a happy girl
  • I wish I would've gotten those Oreos at Target yesterday
  • No tailgating again this week. Bummer.
  • I hate Steve Spurrier
  • Go Cats!


Lara Harris said…
random thoughts: I love you, it makes me smile to read your blog, and I miss you
Trish said…
I've searched for Pumpkin Spice creamer for nearly a month! Can't find it anywhere. :(
emsmom said…
Steve Spurrier is going DOWN! One can hope, anyway.

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