The One

So people talk about finding "The One"... You know, that one article of clothing that you love more than anything else? (C'mon, did you really think I was going somewhere lovey dovey with this?) Yours may be a favorite pair of jeans or a cute pair of shoes. Mine is a hooded sweatshirt. And not just one, I actually have three that I love: The NAVY one I got in Annapolis last winter, a pink Kentucky one Kim got me for Christmas several years ago, and a blue Kentucky one that I got super cheap at the bookstore when I worked there. The last one and I have been through a lot together. Lots of cold football losses. Some cold football victories. I've even changed out the regular drawstrings with cute ribbon. If I could wear a hooded sweatshirt every day, I would. Sometimes I even get excited about cold and dreary weather because that means it's a hooded sweatshirt day! So even though the first day of my fall break is unseasonably cold, I will not complain. Because me and my trusty sweatshirt are going out on the town today!


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