The Big Five -Oh

in , by Erin Lynne, October 23, 2010
I've sat through every second of 196 Quarters. I don't come late. And I don't leave early.

I've endured 15 overtime periods (which STRESS ME OUT!)

I've seen 2777 points scored. 1537 by the Cats, 1240 by their opponents.

If you're a LSUKFF (Long Suffering UK Football Fan) like me, this one might surprise you. 27 wins-22 losses. I knew it was close, but I thought it would tilt the other way. I guess I have Woodson, Tamme and Co to thank for that.

Of the 27 wins, the average margin of victory was 18, with 10 of them (37%) being decided by one possession or less.

Of the 22 losses, the average margin of defeat was about 14 points, with 12 (55%) being decided by one possession or less.

Why all the stat work? you ask...

Well, today is a milestone. When I enter Commonwealth Stadium today, it will mark my 50th consecutive home game. I missed the Florida game in 2003 and I haven't missed one since. I didn't set out to reach this goal. In fact, I was a few seasons in before I realized I'd not missed a game in a while. But now that I am this far, I am all in. Watch out "Superfan" Jim Brown (and all of the other people with streaks longer than mine). I am younger than you. And I will outlast you. I sat through three losing seasons with this streak. I saw Florida beat us by 45 points. Hell, I saw Ohio University beat us by a couple of touchdowns. I can take it. I have staying power.

Hopefully I will be able to write a glorious post in the morning about knocking off the Dawgs. But either way, here's to the next 50 games.
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