Honda, Chase Visa, University of the Cumberlands, my dentist, the US Dept of Education (or whoever it is that gives student loans). Add 'em all up, and what do you have? $0.00. That's right folks, I'm debt free. (Not counting my mortgage of course, but what 31 year old has their house paid off?)

Maybe when I get paid Friday, I'll take it all out in cash and roll around in it..

Actually, come to think of it, I used to work at a bank and saw people pull money from weird places. So nix that.

Maybe I'll just do a little shopping... :D

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Trish said…
Congrats! That will buy a lot of UK shirts! ;)
Pocket said…
Woah, dude. Woah. That's amazing and I'm totally jealous.
Pegs said…
man I wish I was debt free but noo my butt decided to go back to school and get more in the hole.. lol

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