in , by Erin Lynne, September 11, 2010
Just a touch of fall in the air
A little bit of rain, but not enough to damper my spirits

Tailgating and The Cat Walk

The promise and hope of a new season, a clean slate
This could be the year we beat Florida
Or South Carolina
Or Tennessee
In September, anything is possible

Being a resident of the third largest "city" in the state
Seeing my football family for the first time since November

My Old Kentucky Home, the new video intros, and the team taking the field
The coin toss and the UPS Game Ball Delivery

"It's Football Time in the Bluuuuuuuuuuegrass!!"
Then the opening kick

"First Down, Kentucky!!!! Wooooo!" (even if other people do think it's stupid)

The hits
The runs
The touchdowns

The sounds.
The smells.
The sights.

Praise the Lord, it's Football Season

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