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Take a few minutes and read this. And then let's all be REAL.


Just a touch of fall in the air A little bit of rain, but not enough to damper my spirits Tailgating and The Cat Walk The promise and hope of a new season, a clean slate This could be the year we beat Florida Or South Carolina Or Tennessee In September, anything is possible Being a resident of the third largest "city" in the state Seeing my football family for the first time since November My Old Kentucky Home, the new video intros, and the team taking the field The coin toss and the UPS Game Ball Delivery "It's Football Time in the Bluuuuuuuuuuegrass!!" Then the opening kick "First Down, Kentucky!!!! Wooooo!" (even if other people do think it's stupid) The hits The runs The touchdowns The sounds. The smells. The sights. Praise the Lord, it's Football Season

Time for some happiness...

After a really rough couple of weeks, I thought maybe it was time for me to do another happiness post. So here are the things that make me happy that start with K: Kitchen : I love cookbooks . I love to cook. I love to bake. My kitchen is the main reason I chose this house. It's big and open, and blue and white to boot. Perfect for me! Kool-Aid : Even though some people think it tastes like Jello (only two people in the world will get that joke), I love my Kool-Aid. I have some purple in the fridge right now. And according to Alisha, purple is a flavor. Karaoke : My favorite way to spend time. And not just out at a bar somewhere (although I have rocked some karaoke at JD Legends). Anytime I can sing at the top of my lungs, I consider it Karaoke. I have a "Road Trip" playlist on my iPod that is basically Karaoke in the Car. I think I need to start keeping a hairbrush in my glove box. Kentucky : Bourbon. Basketball. Bluegrass. Backroads. Football, farms and all four