Garden State

in , , by Erin Lynne, August 17, 2010
Several weeks ago, I got an email forwarded to me from our Curriculum Department. The Educational Testing System (ETS) was looking for nominations of teachers to be on a panel for a Technology version of the Praxis (the test you have to pass to get your teaching certificate). They wanted to nominate me, so I filled out the information, had them sign it, and faxed it to Frankfort. Today I got an email from someone at the state level that I'd been chosen to participate in the state panel in March. I replied and accepted, thinking that was a pretty cool thing to get to do. Then this afternoon, I got another email. This one was from ETS. I have also been selected to be on the national panel. Which is in Princeton, New Jersey next month. There was a number for a travel acency to book my flight through so ETS would be billed directly. And a list detailing what they'd reimburse ($15 breakfast?!? Are you kidding me?!?). By this point I'm pretty pumped about things. Then I see a note asking for me to send them my cell phone number. I think it's odd until I see why. "It will only be used in the case of a delay and the limo driver needs to contact you." Umm, I'm sorry, LIMO DRIVER?!? This is officially the best email I've ever gotten! Look out Garden State, here I come!

Wonder if I'll run into Danielle Staub... :)
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