Southern Belle

by Erin Lynne, July 14, 2010
I love being from the South. Not in a "The South Will Rise Again," Confederate flag and gun rack in the back of my pick-up kind of way, but I do love it. In fact, I have even toned down my complaining about the humidity (I am not cutting it out completely, mind you, but I am lightening up) and just decided to wear my hair curly most days. For those of you who may not understand this, let me fill you in on why I love the South:

  • SEC Football, SEC Basketball. Enough said.
  • People in the south smile and say "Hello" when you pass them on the street. We aren't weird, that's just the way we were raised. You may walk past 100,000 people a day in NYC, but not a single one of them even looks at you.
  • I can get sweet tea at restaurants. (Quick Side Note: I will never understand why some of my friends order unsweet tea and then add artificial sweeteners to it. There is no way that tastes better than sweet tea. And yes, they are saving calories, but is it worth it? Not to me, that's why I drink my tea with sugar. The way God intended.)
  • We have great restaurants like Cracker Barrel, and more importantly, we know how to make the food on their menu at home.
  • I like having four distinct seasons. Not too far north for a long winter, not too far south for sweltering heat all summer long. Like Goldilocks would say, Just Right!
  • And my favorite: I can basically say anything I want about someone, and not be considered the least bit mean as long as I end it "Bless his/her heart."
FYI: technically Annapolis is south of the Mason/Dixon Line. I'm just sayin'...
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