When I first saw my townhouse, I fell in love with the kitchen. It was big and open and looked like the perfect place to make a meal. It was one of the main reasons I even put in an offer on the house, and when it became mine, I quickly filled up the kitchen with more appliances and accessories than a single gal should probably have.
See, I love to cook. Appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, I don't really discriminate. Some are old tried and true family recipes and some are off-the-wall new ones. Some are super healthy, and some would make Paula Deen blush. I just love to cook, and thus, I love cookbooks. I mean REALLY love them--especially if they have pictures of every dish (which personally I think should be a law).
So tonight, I was rearranging my kitchen and thought it would be nice to bring all of my cookbooks out and display them on the counter since some were actually in a cabinet. When I got them all out, that's when I realized I had a problem.

Did you count? There are 40 of them. 40! And this does not include the dozen Pampered Chef "Season's Best" booklets I buy every time I order from them. Or the 19 Kraft Food and Family magazines I have saved and tabbed. Or the 100 or so recipes I have torn out of Every Day with Rachael Ray or Real Simple and organized in a binder by genre (did I mention I have OCD?) Or the recipes in my recipe box. And the thing is, I only use about three of my cookbooks on a regular basis. The other (37!) I have made one or two things from, or worse yet haven't made anything yet, but have tabbed a page or two with the intention of making something. But I can't get rid of them. Nor do I have the room to store them all on the counter without looking like the cooking section of Joseph Beth, so I compromised. My favorites and the ones that were Mamaw's are staying on the counter, along with a few others, and the binder.
The rest are stacked two deep in the cabinet for now.
Maybe I will rotate them out on some sort of schedule. Or buy a house with a bigger kitchen.

Do you think there is a 12 step program for this?

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