Hello, my name is Erin and I am a Cookbook-aholic

When I first saw my townhouse, I fell in love with the kitchen. It was big and open and looked like the perfect place to make a meal. It was one of the main reasons I even put in an offer on the house, and when it became mine, I quickly filled up the kitchen with more appliances and accessories than a single gal should probably have.
See, I love to cook. Appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, I don't really discriminate. Some are old tried and true family recipes and some are off-the-wall new ones. Some are super healthy, and some would make Paula Deen blush. I just love to cook, and thus, I love cookbooks. I mean REALLY love them--especially if they have pictures of every dish (which personally I think should be a law).
So tonight, I was rearranging my kitchen and thought it would be nice to bring all of my cookbooks out and display them on the counter since some were actually in a cabinet. When I got them all out, that's when I realized I had a problem.

Did you count? There are 40 of them. 40! And this does not include the dozen Pampered Chef "Season's Best" booklets I buy every time I order from them. Or the 19 Kraft Food and Family magazines I have saved and tabbed. Or the 100 or so recipes I have torn out of Every Day with Rachael Ray or Real Simple and organized in a binder by genre (did I mention I have OCD?) Or the recipes in my recipe box. And the thing is, I only use about three of my cookbooks on a regular basis. The other (37!) I have made one or two things from, or worse yet haven't made anything yet, but have tabbed a page or two with the intention of making something. But I can't get rid of them. Nor do I have the room to store them all on the counter without looking like the cooking section of Joseph Beth, so I compromised. My favorites and the ones that were Mamaw's are staying on the counter, along with a few others, and the binder.
The rest are stacked two deep in the cabinet for now.
Maybe I will rotate them out on some sort of schedule. Or buy a house with a bigger kitchen.

Do you think there is a 12 step program for this?


Trish said…
Is that the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook I see over there with the pink binder?! And the "Taste of Heaven" cookbook from Wilson Creek church?! I have those! :) I also highly recommend the Pioneer Woman's cookbook (especially if you love pictures - she takes them the whole way thru each recipe! Brilliant!). And the other Deen Bros cookbook "Y'all Come Eat" is a fave. I have also found that any Gooseberry Patch cookbook is golden! My current fave is the one with crockpot recipes only! Fabulous!
Erin Lynne said…
No to the Jessica Seinfeld one, but yes to Wilson Creek! The yellow big binder is Gooseberry Patch, they used to send a few recipes a month, but they quit. I was so sad. I have their crockpot mini cookbook. Do you have a big one? I think I need that one to. NEED, not want.
Lara Harris said…
I totally could have written that post, except that I have a cabinet full and the number is easily at 150. love you.
Pocket said…
the only things missing from your post were the names of your favorites!
Trish said…
The Gooseberry Patch one I have is a full-size cookbook. Got it at Homespun. Worth every penny! I agree, you NEED it! Especially this fall when you'll be at work and want to come home to a dinner that's already cooked! Or when you tailgate and can let something yummy simmer the night beforehand!

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