It's that time again. Another ABC's of Happiness post. This blog post is brought to you by the letter H. So here goes nothin'

Hot dogs-But only on the grill, or at a ballpark. Just not the same any other way!

Hersheys-No elaboration needed!

History Channel-Along with ESPN, one of the main reasons I have cable. Behind Air Force One? Seen it. Life After People?Series recording set. The States? The Presidents? Seen all episodes. Some twice. (Okay, I need to stop before I lose coolness points...)

Home-but not my house in Lexington. My parents house. It'll always be home to me. My parents brought me home from the hospital to this house, and I lived there until I left for UK. I've actually lived in every bedroom of the house because I kept taking over newly freed spaces as my older siblings moved out, then mom & dad converted the once back deck, but then sunroom into my bedroom when I was in college. I think this was a veiled attempt to get me to cone home more often. It didn't work. So they moved out there. Now when I go home, I have their old bedroom.

Haunted Mansion- The only ride at Disney I HAVE to ride more than once. When I was little, we had a record that told the "true story" of the Haunted Mansion. It featured Mike (voiced by Ron Howard) and Karen, his super annoying girlfriend. But it was great. I actually bought a copy burned onto a cd from eBay several years ago. I listen to it every Halloween.

That's all for now...

Hurry baaaack. Hurry baaaaack. Be sure to bring your *death* certificate...
(Other Haunted Mansion fans will get that. The rest of you will think I'm creepy.)

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