Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Love/Hate Relationship with Jenny McCarthy

I hate working out. HATE. IT. I hate sweating. I hate it when my heart races. I hate feeling sore the next day. I hate all of it. And no, I don't feel great after working out. Not at all. I just feel tired and sweaty and gross.

That being said, I've been doing the Your Shape workout for the Wii every day for the past two weeks. You know, the one with Jenny McCarthy and the camera you set on top of your television so she can correct your mistakes. Which means I have to watch myself working out. On my HDTV. I REALLY hate this. It's not a pretty sight at all. I also hate how Ms. Skinny Cartoon Know it All sometimes says I'm doing something wrong when I'M NOT! (I mean, it's the Grapevine. I learned it in PE in Junior High for crying out loud!)

So the weird thing is... I'm totally addicted to this workout. I don't know if it's because I get a different workout every day, and I'm hoping to find one I like, or maybe it's because sometimes Cartoon Jenny notices I'm working really hard and praises me for it. But I think it's the calorie counter on the screen. I've never been much for seeing how many calories I've burned because it never seems to be as much as I think it should be, but the way this workout combines toning and cardio and weights, you can really burn some calories. So it's like I have a competion with myself. I want to get a higher number than I did before. It's like it's an actual video game and I'm keeping score. (BTW: High score 570 yesterday in 30 minutes.) So if me making this a game gets me to work out, I'll take it. Because goodness knows, something needs to keep me motivated.
Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break Art Project

Inspired by a photographer friend blogging about how to display pictures, and a friend expecting her first child who hung old family pictures in the nursery, I sat out this week to make a collage of old family photos.
Tuesday I traveled to Cincinnati for some retail therapy, which included a stop at Ikea. They had two packs of black frames and white frames for less than $5 each, so I bought two of each color. When I returned home, I started looking through old pictures. (On an aside: I had happened upon two scrapbooks years ago, one was my great grandmother's, and one was my grandmother's. Since I was in a serious scrapbooking phase at the time, my grandmother told me I could have them. I had plans to rescrapbook them (the pages flakes off in my hands when I turned them) but had never gotten around to it. I though now was as good a time as any, so I picked a few pictures I wanted out of them and then redid the rest and gave it to my mom. Needless to say, she loved it!) I also had my parents bring some old pics of Dad's family to me, since I only had one here. Then I framed, organized, measured and hung them. Here is the finished product:

And a closer look with descriptions:

Left: Pictures of Nanny (my great grandmother) taken in the 1930's that look like they were taken in a photo booth. In a true tale of how times have changed, one of them had her Social Security number written on the back!
Middle: My Mamaw (in the middle) and her cousins sitting on a tree branch after swimming in a creek.
Right: My Dad and one of his cousins with Grandpa Waggoner (my great grandfather).

Left: Dad with Gurnie & Papaw when he was about three. I don't know if you can tell, but he's about the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Right: All the Waggoners. Papaw, his parents, and his ELEVEN brothers and sisters! I've heard that Grandma Waggoner was pregnant I think 28 times. Twelve live births, two still born children, and fourteen miscarriages. People who knew her during her "child bearing" years said she was always either pregnant or nursing. WOW!

Left: Nanny (in the middle). Mom thinks one of the other girls is her sister.
Middle: Best. Christmas. Card. Ever. Mom and her two brothers, probably around 1952. They are so cute!
Right: Mamaw and Papaw Wells with Mom at the beach when she was a baby. Always been one of my favorites!

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