A new week, a new letter...

in , , by Erin Lynne, March 29, 2010
I was anything but happy last week. No real reason, but I was just in a funk all week long. This week, I will NOT be Debbie Downer, even though the Cats lost so I won't be spending my spring break at the final four in Indianapolis.... I thought I'd start the week with another happiness letter to hopefully inspire a week of happiness!

Google- The best search engine. I <3 Google. And I'm somewhat of an Internet searching guru. Seriously. If it's out there, I'll find it. Friends of mine will sometimes call me up to see if I can find something online that they've been searching for FOREVER and it usually takes me about five minutes. I secretly think I should open up some kind of Private Investigating business... Grayson-Say what you want about it, I do hold a special place in my heart for my hometown. Yes, the gossip annoyed me, and yes, we hung out in a hardware store parking lot, but I wouldn't trade one day of my 18 years there.

Gurnie-That's my dad's mom. You know, she lives in that brick house with the huge yard on Landsdowne (FYI, that's another reason I love Grayson. Anyone from there reading this knows exactly where I'm talking about!) We call her Gurnie because when my oldest sister was little, that's what came out when she tried to say "Grandmother." Now she's Gurnie to everyone. She's 91 and still lives on her own. She makes the best sourdough bread you've ever eaten. I used to stay at her house in the summers when I was little. She only told me "no" one time that I remember. She had fried some chicken and also made something else for Papaw for lunch, but I asked her to make me a grilled cheese (she makes the BEST grilled cheeses). She flatly told me no, she'd already cooked two different things, she wasn't making another! (I was secretly devastated...until I remembered that her fried chicken was ALSO the best.) I love to visit her and just listen to the funny things she says. While always speaking her mind, I think now that she's 91, she'll really let loose on you. :) When I was in high school, she was interested if I was dating anyone. In my 20's I was lauded as the "Only smart one in the bunch" as I was the only grandchild still single. I remember visiting her Thanksgiving 2008 (two weeks before my 30th birthday) and she was still singing my praises. When I saw her again at Christmas (two weeks AFTER my 30th birthday), she promptly told me it was about time for me to settle down and start having babies!

Greaters-Y'all know I have to mention a food. And their ice cream is to die for!

The Goonies-Favorite 80's movie! In fact, I think I'll go watch it now...

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