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A new week, a new letter...

I was anything but happy last week. No real reason, but I was just in a funk all week long. This week, I will NOT be Debbie Downer, even though the Cats lost so I won't be spending my spring break at the final four in Indianapolis.... I thought I'd start the week with another happiness letter to hopefully inspire a week of happiness! Google- The best search engine. I <3 Google. And I'm somewhat of an Internet searching guru. Seriously. If it's out there, I'll find it. Friends of mine will sometimes call me up to see if I can find something online that they've been searching for FOREVER and it usually takes me about five minutes. I secretly think I should open up some kind of Private Investigating business... Grayson-Say what you want about it, I do hold a special place in my heart for my hometown. Yes, the gossip annoyed me, and yes, we hung out in a hardware store parking lot, but I wouldn't trade one day of my 18 years there. Gurnie-That's m
You know how sometimes, you'll just need to talk about something? Just get it off your chest? But the person you're talking to either doesn't understand, doesn't really listen, or tries to just convince you that everything is bubble gum and rainbows, even though you know it's not? Yeah, that's what's happening to me these days... - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone
I don't know if it's because there's nothing as interesting as that SEC Tourney Championship game, but I couldn't find anything to watch on TV. And maybe it's because I'm sick of reading books where the single girl (who thinks she's way past her prime at around 24) stumbles upon her Prince Charming and they live happily ever after, but I don't feel like reading. So tonight I climbed into my bed at about 9:20 (which my mother would argue is *really* 8:20, since the time changed today; then I'd counter with No, it's really 9:20 because the time *did* change, but I digress...) and I've just been laying here listening to the quiet of my house and wishing it was warm enough to open my windows... I really didn't have anything to say, but I thought maybe if I started writing, I'd come up with something. I can see that's not going to happen. I guess I'll try to go to sleep now. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone