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More shows gone!

And now Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies, and (my new favorite) Eli Stone!  Maybe the universe is telling me to stop watching so much TV!

Another One Bites the Dust...

Okay, so I am officially the Kiss of Death for TV shows... As soon as I like one, it usually gets cancelled.  Here is a list of shows I love that have been cut short in their prime...Lipstick JungleMy Own Worst EnemyBig ShotsOctober RoadJourneymanCrownedMiami InkMiss GuidedTeachersStudio 60Friday Night LightsThe Singing BeeThe ClassTravelerWhat About Brian?Commander in ChiefIn JusticeGood Morning MiamiReunionSo sad, so sad... (FYI, I am not so completely obsessed with these shows being cancelled that I keep this list in my head...I googled cancelled shows and picked the ones I loved...)

The List is Finished!!!!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped me with this... I don't have it so bad after all!
30 Things Great About Being Single…
1. I don’t have to entertain my in-laws.
2. I don’t have to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse sixteen times a day
3. There are never any unexpected messes in my house
4. I can go wherever I want whenever I want and stay however long I want
5. I never have to get up in the middle of the night
6. I can lay diagonally on my bed
7. Spontaneous trips
8. There are no car seats crowding my backseat
9. I can lay on my couch in my PJ’s all day and not feel bad about it
10. I don’t have to pretend to like soccer because my kids play
11. My toilet seat is always down.
12. No learned helplessness (I can hang curtains, paint a room, fix a leaky pipe)
13. Shopping alone
14. I can “run in” somewhere in less than 5 minutes
15. It only takes me 30 minutes to get ready
16. Sex is on my schedule
17. When I finish my laundry, the hampers are empty
18. I can decorate however I want
19. I can cook (or no…

yes, I am still alive!!!

It's been FOREVER since I posted, but reading the blog of a mom from school made me want to start blogging again.... Plus, I have some exciting news:

So I am taking charge of my Singleness! I recently read a book I bought at a Christian bookstore called Table for One about enjoying being single and not putting your life on hold, so last week I went to dinner by myself! This may not be a huge deal to you, but it is to me. I even sat without my back to everyone (which was my initial instinct) and NO ONE looked like they felt sorry for me! I feel like I am living, not waiting for life to begin.

I also decided that with my 30th birthday around the corner, I would try to come up with a list of 30 reasons it's great to be single. I have 28 currently, and the funny thing is, I came up with four and the other 24 were given to me by my married friends! There are things to be thankful for that I never even thought to be thankful for! I'll post the list when it's completed!