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How to Savannah on a Budget by Erin & Crystal

I mentioned to someone at church Sunday that I was going on vacation this week. "Oh, where are you going?" She asked.
"Savannah," I replied.  Her response: "Again?"
Yes. Again. Don't judge me. 
Several people have asked for recommendations, so I'm dusting off the blog to bring you How to Savannah on a Budget. 
Getting there I've been to Savannah close to a dozen times. Before, I've always driven. I can get here from Lexington in a little less than 8.5 hours (unless my mom is reading this, which in that case, it takes me about 9. I don't speed mom, really). This time we flew. Allegiant now has flights mon stop from Lexington, and we scored tickets for $100 each (round trip). This did include checking a bag, but between the two of us, we just checked 1. The weight limit is 40 pounds/checked bag. We didn't even hit 30 between the two of us, so why would you pay for 2 bags? Plus, you still get a "personal item" free (I used my…