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(Belated) Adventures in Real Estate Part 4: The Cutest House on the Block

For years, I spent my Sunday afternoons the exact same way... Watching endless hours of House Hunters on HGTV while I looked at houses for sale online.  I knew that while I did love my little townhouse, I certainly didn't want to stay there forever.  One Saturday evening in early May, I found myself watching a House Hunters marathon, and instinctively, I picked up my iPad and opened the Zillow app, which was set to filter new listings in Lexington.  That's when I saw it... The Cutest House on the Block. OMG, it was adorable.  It was everything I wanted in a house: an older home, hardwood floors, a fireplace, back deck, and a porch swing! It was even on a street I'd always loved, and the icing on the cake: walking distance to Commonwealth Stadium. I fell in love. 

As luck would have it, there was an Open House scheduled the next day. Sunday afternoon at 2 rolled around and the storms rolled in.  I thought it was ridiculous to get out in the downpour to see a house I probab…