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Sometimes I get on my own nerves...

I heard someone ask a man once how he was (I could've sworn it was my grandfather, but Mom says I am wrong... Anyway...), and he said, "I can't complain." Then added, smiling, "Well, I could, but it wouldn't get me anywhere..."

You know, that's a pretty accurate statement. Complaining really doesn't get you anywhere... But that doesn't stop us from doing it, myself included. I feel like I've been complaining a lot lately. Actually, scratch that, I feel like I've been whining a lot lately. (The ironic thing is whining bothers me maybe more than anything, and yet sometimes I still get sucked in.)

So if I've whined or complained to you lately, thanks for listening. Sometimes I just need to vent. And if I've whined or complained to you lately, I'm sorry. I could make excuses about how I had to deal with a pretty big issue in my personal life, and work has been very stressful this year (but then again, if I have been whining to …

My Life (according to Pinterest)

I have a board on Pinterest called "So True..." where I pin quotes that I really like. Tonight I was looking through them, and I noticed there were several that I identified with so much, I had apparently pinned them a second time without realizing it. Much like the victor's green cards in Apples to Apples, I feel like these describe me fairly well...