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ABC's of Happiness: Y

I was dreading my first day back to work after the best beach vacation ever, but it really wasn't too bad. And in honor of said vacation and the beer I'm having with dinner, here's my next to last ABC's of Happiness entry...

Yuengling- it's the best beer ever. My BFFF Jenny introduced me to it several years ago, and I was sad to find out they don't sell it in Kentucky. But do you know where they do sell it? The Piggly Wiggly in Hilton Head. So this was my view last week. As if the beer itself didn't make me happy, the surroundings were just icing on the cake.

So cheers to a great vacation, a good first day back to work, and a great beer at the end of the day.

Life. Is. Good.

Life lessons from Fall Break

As I lay here knowing I need to get up and get ready to leave here to head back to Kentucky, I realize I've learned a few things this week while on an amazing unexpected vacation.
1. Real friends are real friends regardless of the distance
2. In turn, some people still annoy you regardless of how far away they are
3. I want a bathroom connected to my bedroom
4. King sized beds are amazing.
5. Turning off your email is a good thing
6. You can't be nearly as stressed when you're walking with your feet in the ocean.
7. Speaking of that... Why do I live in a landlocked state? Maybe I should really change that...
8. They really should sell Yuengling in Kentucky.
9. Kentucky is everywhere! We saw 5 UK shirts, 7 Kentucky license plates, one stroller with a UK keychain on it, and our beach shuttle driver was a Kentucky Colonel!
10. I'm really not sure about wanting kids, because...
11. Even the sweetest, most well behaved children you know go a little crazy on vacation! ;)

I've go…

Better than a sunny day at work...

Doesn't even matter that it's cloudy.

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