Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday Updates (that wouldn't update from my phone...)

I may have inadvertantly broken my fast. I was talking on the phone to
a friend today about needing new not-so-casual clothes for work now
because I don't have many nice things to wear. She responded with "I
thought you looked good today. I even told my mom that." As I was
literally dressed in a shirt I pulled out of a bag of Goodwill
donations and decided to give another shot, I responded with something
along the lines of "I thought I looked ridiculous."
The sad thing is, even with my meaningful determination to NOT put
myself down, I didn't even realize I'd said it until long after we
were off the phone. But that doesn't technically count, right? I mean
I could've said much worse...
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update #1

The first three days were a piece of cake. (which I could eat WITHOUT feeling bad about myself!) But, in all honesty, my Saturday and Sunday were pretty chill, as was my Monday. Today I will be hanging out with friends, so we will see how today goes.
On an aside, I think I should have been keeping track of how often other women are putting themselves down. It's fascinating that no matter what women look like, we all do this. What is this about?
Friday, August 21, 2009
I'm on a mission. For one entire week, I refuse to say anything negative about myself. I was out tonight with several beautiful girls and most of them put themselves down at least one point in the night. And I believe strongly this will only get worse as time goes on, because tomorrow's generation is going to hear their moms saying all this horrible stuff about themselves. So no putting myself down for a week. And if I hear my friends doing it, I'm ignoring it. I'll keep you posted on my findings...