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84 in April
Sitting on the patio
Cold beer in one hand and bug spray in the other
Feeling the sun warm me through and through
Life can't be all that bad
Everything is unsure
I feel like my life is spinning out of control
I don't know where I fit
I don't know where God wants me
I don't know what He wants me to do
I'm trying to listen to His voice
But my own thoughts and fears are drowning Him out...

I am alive....

So I haven't posted in forever. Here's the gist of what has happened. Fell on ice, broke wrist, surgery, 2 weeks of cast, six weeks of PT, horrible scar, still recuperating, still can't work out, haven't lost any more weight, destination wedding moved north, have to find new bridesmaid dress, don't like any i try on, HUGE education cuts mean not for sure what kind of job I will have in the fall, stressed about lots of stuff, miss my best friend who is too busy with new baby to chat as much, STILL SINGLE! :-0 Yep, that's about it...