by Erin Lynne, January 25, 2013
Two posts in one day! I know y'all are so excited you can't even stand it! This has been a super productive snow day for me: I made mini donut bites this morning (WOW!), I got to have lunch today with my friend (and we both swear long lost sister) Trish, and right now I've got chili in the crock pot for dinner.

Chili is a good food for a snow day, and not just because it's cold outside. Chili is a snowflake food: no two people seem to have the same recipe. So I thought I'd be one of those fancy food bloggers and show you my recipe with pictures and everything! (Don't worry, I'll get back to being cynical about life in my next post.) It's really a great recipe, and since most of it is canned, I keep the stuff on hand and throw it in the crock pot when I'm ready.

Erin's Chili

The cans:
2 tomato sauce
3 diced tomatoes (I use 2 "chili ready" and 1 plain)
2 beans (I use one black, one kidney)

The meat:
1 lb ground beef (I think the kind packaged like this crumbles better when you brown it. However, I find the picture of the man and little girl a bit unsettling. I hope that's not what they made the ground beef out of...)
4 strips bacon (make it in the oven! Do you know about this? It's GENIUS!)

The spices:
1 T chili powder
1 t garlic salt
2 t sugar (that's the silver canister)
(If I happen to not have bacon on hand, I also add a teaspoon or so of cumin)

The steps:
Brown ground beef, drain and add to crock pot
Cook bacon (I do about 20 min in a 375 oven because I want it crispy), crumble and add to crock pot
Dump everything else in (drain and rinse the beans) and stir, cook on low for about 6 hours

Voila! That's it!

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