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Take time to read the captions

I've had the poster above since college. It hung in my dorm room, then my apartment, then the townhouse I rented. When I bought my house, I framed it and it's hanging on the right just as you walk in the door. You'd think this was a prominent place, and maybe it is, maybe I'm just used to it being there, but for whatever reason, I never notice it. So tonight as I was dusting the pictures in the hallway (I know, right? What's gotten into me?!?!), I noticed it. And I didn't just notice it, I looked at it. Because while the cute little girl in the rain is a sweet picture to see, it's the small caption below that led me to buy the poster in the first place: And I read that and smiled. Thinking of all the years I've had this poster, those encouraging words were never very far from me... But I didn't notice them. And now that I remembered to look again, I'm reminded of the truth of that statement. And once again, I'm very grateful for all I ha

The Peak

I was one of those weird people who liked high school. I had lots of friends, and we had lots of fun. Then I got to college and I wasn't so much a fan at first. Sure, I made friends my first couple of years (friends I still have today) but it wasn't as great as everyone said it was going to be. And I was afraid. Afraid I was one of those people who peaked in high school, and the rest was all downhill for them. Of course, I got a job as an RA on the opposite site of campus, made more friends, and found my niche. And life was good. After graduating, I hit a pretty rough patch. Someone once asked me why exactly that tough time occurred. And I can't pinpoint it to one single thing... It was just a ton of little things that weren't going my way and I felt like I couldn't catch a break. And I was sad. Really sad. I felt like I was drowning. My college friends had moved on and I didn't have many people to turn to. It was bad. And I was scared I was one of those

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom & Dad, Thank you. From the little girl me... Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for showering me with love and making me feel special. Thank you for buying me books and teaching me to read. Thank you for also letting me watch Dukes of Hazzard in my bedroom. Thank you Dad for taking me to school every day. Thank you Mom for packing lunches with crust-less sandwiches. Thank you for caring for me, supporting me, and providing for me. Thank you for talking to me, listening to me, and always being there for me. From teenage me... Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for showering me with love and making me feel special. Thank you for making me have a curfew and for setting high expectations for me. Thank you Dad for bringing the wrecker to pull my car out of the ditch (umm... twice). Thank you mom for teaching me how to manage my money and shop on a budget. Thank you for putting up with me when I was moody and hateful and when I knew so much more than th

ABC's of Happiness: Y

I was dreading my first day back to work after the best beach vacation ever, but it really wasn't too bad. And in honor of said vacation and the beer I'm having with dinner, here's my next to last ABC's of Happiness entry... Yuengling- it's the best beer ever. My BFFF Jenny introduced me to it several years ago, and I was sad to find out they don't sell it in Kentucky. But do you know where they do sell it? The Piggly Wiggly in Hilton Head. So this was my view last week. As if the beer itself didn't make me happy, the surroundings were just icing on the cake. So cheers to a great vacation, a good first day back to work, and a great beer at the end of the day. Life. Is. Good.

Life lessons from Fall Break

As I lay here knowing I need to get up and get ready to leave here to head back to Kentucky, I realize I've learned a few things this week while on an amazing unexpected vacation. 1. Real friends are real friends regardless of the distance 2. In turn, some people still annoy you regardless of how far away they are 3. I want a bathroom connected to my bedroom 4. King sized beds are amazing. 5. Turning off your email is a good thing 6. You can't be nearly as stressed when you're walking with your feet in the ocean. 7. Speaking of that... Why do I live in a landlocked state? Maybe I should really change that... 8. They really should sell Yuengling in Kentucky. 9. Kentucky is everywhere! We saw 5 UK shirts, 7 Kentucky license plates, one stroller with a UK keychain on it, and our beach shuttle driver was a Kentucky Colonel! 10. I'm really not sure about wanting kids, because... 11. Even the sweetest, most well behaved children you know go a little crazy on vacation! ;)

Better than a sunny day at work...

Doesn't even matter that it's cloudy. YouTube Video Location: S Forest Beach Dr,Hilton Head Island,United States

X marks the spot

X is a difficult letter to write about. Xylophones, Xanadu or Xanax (although sometimes I think I could use some!) don't really make me happy. I do love my MacBook with OSX on it, but that seems a stretch too. So I'm going with "X marks the spot." You may wonder "What spot?" well, the spot where I am in life right now. I have my tough times and rough days... But they really are less frequent than they've been in my adult life. At times I'm sad I'm alone, but I do have my list to read and realize I've got it pretty good. Every day, I'm learning more and more to be happy both WITH myself and BY myself. As I get older I have come to terms with the fact that I might not get everything I want out if life, but you know what... I'm still hopeful that the things I really want WILL happen for me. Because, as you already know, I'm not a pessimist .

ABCs of Happiness: W

Waffle Night -Basically one of the best parts of my week. Great friends, something good on TV, someone else cooking me waffles and bacon, (and if I'm really lucky, an amazing potato sidedish!), and lots and lots of laughs (with just enough complaining about work to get us through the week). It's what makes us The Group. And even though some are moving and others are going to be much busier this year, I know we will manage to get together for Waffle Night every now and then because we need it to keep us sane. Winter -I love winter.  Deal with it.  And after this crazy hot summer, I am really ready for cold.  Maybe even a snow day or two (or ten...)  Especially when I get my new TV in my bedroom and can stay in my warm bed all day. Will Ferrell -Seriously. HILARIOUS.  I can watch Elf every day of the year. Or his SNL clips.  Or Anchorman.  Ok... anything of his really. Wildcats -Seriously... the fact that I didn't add this the first time means I should be punch

Very, Very Happy

ABCs of Happiness: V Vacation- As an employee of the school system (I think that's the first time I haven't said "As a teacher..." and man that feels weird) I get lots of little breaks throughout the year.  Fall break, Christmas break, spring break, and of course summer break. It is so nice to be able to sleep in and not worry about curriculum and Moodle and iPads and on and on and on. That much of "vacation" is great, but I really want to go somewhere.  I love the beach, and would love to go there on vacation at least once a year, but that doesn't really happen very often. For the past several years, Annapolis has been my go to vacation spot, but this year that didn't work either.  I did take a mini vacay with some of the greatest friends ever to Indiana and Cincinnati a few weeks ago and that was enough for me.  Sometimes it's just getting out of town, turning the email off on my iPhone, and having a great time and lots of laughs that make


Whenever I pay cash (which basically only happens when I buy a McDonald's Coke in the summer) I always take a look at the coins and wonder what their story is. I took this picture before buying my Coke last week that fueled the repainting of my bathroom. There's one here that's a 1977 penny.  That's older than me.  Where has that penny been?  What has Abe seen? Every now and then I will get a wheat penny (COOL!) or a Canadian penny (What?) but the ones that always fascinate me the most are the ones that either look really old and worn but are only a few years old (what happened to those pennies to make them age so quickly?) or the ones that look fairly new but are several years old (where have these pennies been hiding so they haven't lost their shine?) I guess those little copper pictures of Abe are kind of like us... You see people that look well older than they are, then there are those lucky ones (like me of course ) who look way younger than they really

Why do people want to talk about this glass of water so much?

Half empty or half full? Why can't I just say the water takes up half the glass? Or technically it's totally full, the top half is just filled with air.  Or maybe the glass is just twice as big as it needs to be. Sometimes I am accused of being a pessimist.  I will fully admit that there have been many, many times in my life when I was pessimistic about everything. But those times were a long time ago, and I am a much happier, more confident person than I was then. There were also times a long, long time ago that I was an eternal optimist, being confident and sure that everything in life would work out the way I had always dreamed. But now, now I feel I am a realist.  When I have a crappy day, I will tell you I had a crappy day.  I don't spend time trying to find the one thing that made my day amazing... maybe that day didn't have one thing.  On the flip side, when I have an awesome day, I don't focus on the one bad thing that happened, I focus on the awesome stu

A Different Kind of Dream Home

Those of you that know me well know that I grew up in Grayson, Kentucky, and that my parents still live in the house they built when my mom was pregnant with me. The only moving I did when I was younger was from room to room (to room to room!) in this house. All of my Christmases, nearly every Thanksgiving and Easter, and even most of my ordinary days have happened within those walls.There are memories in every room, fading high pinball scores on the cement walls in the basement, hidden messages written on closet walls, and somewhere a diamond and sapphire ring Mom let me borrow once (I SWEAR I just shook my hand and it flew off.  Where is that damn thing?!?!) So maybe two decades of life and memories are why, after not living there for eleven years, when I dream about "home" this is the house that appears.  It's really bizarre.  It's not like I don't dream about other places either.  This winter I got snowed in at the Frat House one night, and that night I d

ABCs of Happiness: U

I always like to Google a picture of the letter I am writing about, but for U, I really should've just called my mom and had her take a picture and send it to me. My parents house is full of U's. Everytime I see a U somewhere I buy it for them. The reason behind is super cheesy ("I love U" "We couldn't be an US without U") but that's just how they are! Anyway, here goes my U entry... University of Kentucky-I know you are all shocked that UK makes me happy, right? I had some great times at the actual university, and their football and basketball teams are pretty fun to watch too. Uniforms-As in guys in uniforms. Baseball, football, police, fireman, military. The type of uniform doesn't really matter, it just makes me happy to look at guys in uniforms. C'mon, I'm a single girl, can't fault me for liking to look!

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